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UK immigration is on the rise and provides the potential for an explosion of UK culture. This website looks at such a red hot issue and views the pros and cons of UK immigration.

Welcome to the Cultural Tourism website. Find out about all the latest projects being initiated to promote cultural tourism. Many people are unable to describe why they behave the way they do or why their thought processes are similar to their neighbor's but not similar to a person from another country.

The reasons for such differences are complicated. There are many such questions, the answers to which lie in the difference in cultures across the world. They can only be understood by studying the implication of difference in location and the evolution of behavior, by learning different languages, by immersing oneself in different cultures.

These questions are particularly relevant for countries like the USA or India, countries which have a large diversity of people. The citizens of such countries need to have a better understanding of cultural differences than people living in countries that have a single culture.

Those that are interested in these kinds of studies wish to understand the way their society functions and the reasons why it has evolved the way it is today.

Their interest in the subject is their effort to understand the social evolution of their country. People who spend time and money to understand other cultures apart from their own are found to be more tolerant and understanding of the differences between cultures around the world. Therefore, they are model citizens as they promote cooperation and tolerance between different people.

They achieve this goal often through travel, and cultural tourism. If you want to know more about Cultural Tourism, please contact us.

The furnace

Social commentary on the rise and effect of immigration in the UK. The FURNACE is brought to you by the Humanist Party of Great Britain